There are two kinds of beauty in this world. The first kind of beauty, outer beauty, is the kind that we tend to be the most obsessed with. With all of these celebrities flooding our everyday lives, it becomes pretty easy to get into the habit of thinking that they are the epitome of beauty. With the Brad Pitts and Scarlett Johanssons of the world appearing before our eyes whenever we turn on the tv, watch a movie, drive past a billboard, or open up a magazine we start to slowly think that this is what beauty looks like. We’re conditioned to think that if we don’t look like these “beautiful people” then we aren’t beautiful. And when we start to think like this we may even go out of our ways to try and make ourselves more “beautiful.” So we try and dress how they dress and we put on buckets of makeup so we can look how they look and we do our hair the way that they do their hair all so that we can be “beautiful.” And when it’s all said and done and you take a look at yourself in the mirror, you may smile and think, “Now I am ‘beautiful,’” but just because you think you’re beautiful with all of these changes doesn’t mean that you weren’t beautiful before you changed the way that you looked. Yes, you may be more beautiful now based upon the standards of beauty that the media has presented to us, but in that quest to obtain that form of beauty you have lost what initially made you beautiful- the fact that you were being an authentic you.

We’re all made differently and that’s what makes us beautiful. Our society tries to tell us differently by bombarding us with images of “perfect” looking people, but the truth is that Hollywood beauty isn’t the only kind of physical beauty out there. Positive thinkers, there isn’t just one kind of beauty because there isn’t just one kind of person. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, even if they don’t look like the celebrities that traipse around Hollywood.

It is our uniqueness that helps us to be physically beautiful, but when we try to change how we look to fit some other mold we also take away the outer distinctiveness that made us beautiful in the first place. So instead of trying to change yourself, relish in the fact that you are the only person that looks like you positive thinker because that is what makes you beautiful on the outside. Every curve of your body, hair on your head, and even the scars on your face helps to make you a special kind of beautiful, so embrace it!

The second kind of beauty comes from within. This kind of beauty is the one that we should be more concerned about. Outer beauty will fade (even for celebrities), but inner beauty has the potential to last with you for your entire life. Inner beauty is the kind of beauty that makes the people who posses it want to do good deeds for others. It’s the kind of beauty that allows the people that have it to help cheer others up when that someone else is having a bad day. It’s the kind of beauty that makes that individual who has it want to go out in the world and make other people happy just for the sake of spreading joy to others. It’s a giving type of beauty, and the people have this kind of beauty have the potential to be bigger and better than that person who has the most physical beauty in the world.

Inner beauty is the kind of beauty that needs to be worked at. It’s not easy to choose the selfless route instead of the selfish route, but people who are full of inner beauty are able to do just that. If everybody in the world lacked inner beauty then the world would be a cold and nasty place, but fortunately for us, there are many people out there who have inner beauty and because of this they’re able to make this world a brighter place for the people that they come across. Strive for this kind of beauty positive thinker, because the world needs more brightness!

And always remember to “Be your own kind of beautiful.”

Have you ever felt like your world was crashing in around you? Like everything that was good in your life is all of a sudden not so good? And then you start to wonder if things could get any worse, and then they do. Yeah, that’s definitely happened to me before, and I’m sure it’s happened to you too, and that’s because life doesn’t always end up working out in the way that we want it to work out. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over, and sometimes these things make it seem like our life is heading in a direction that we don’t want it to head towards. When you lose a job that you worked your butt off to get, or when you get out of a relationship that you thought was going to last forever, or when you get hit with some pretty bad health news, you may think that your life as you know it is over. And to be perfectly honest with you, your life as you knew it is over, but just because your old life is over doesn’t mean that your new life has to be a bad one.

When bad things happen to us, we may be devastated in that moment and that’s a natural response. When things don’t go our way, we don’t feel like we should be happy. Instead, the opposite happens. We become unhappy. We can’t see past the darkness because the darkness is all around us, but that darkness doesn’t go on forever. There’s light somewhere, you just may not be able to see it yet.

You can think of unexpected pain like this…

Let’s say you’re driving on a road trip. Your music is blaring and you’re singing along off-key to your favorite tunes as your best friends also sing along in voices that are equally off-key. You’ve got one hand on the steering wheel of your big black Escalade and the other hand is hanging out of the side window as the wind whips your hair around freely and rhythmically. Everything’s going well as far as you can tell. There’s no traffic and you’re the only car on the road for miles, the roads are smooth, and the weather is perfect for taking a cross-country road trip. All of a sudden the music dies down and you hear the robotic voice of your Waze navigation app telling you to make an exit in one mile. Automatically you put on your signal, but since you haven’t seen any other car on the freeway for miles, you start to merge over one lane without checking your blind spot.

“Stop there’s a motorcycle there,” your friend yells at the top of her lungs as you make a sharp and dramatic movement to turn your wheel to left in order for you to avoid the motorcyclist.

You hear the motorcyclist honk his horn as your Escalade starts to spin out of control off to the left side of the freeway. Luckily for you, the freeway is still unoccupied by any other cars, so when you go over the side of the freeway and into the grassy land next to freeway you don’t hit any other cars. The airbags deploy when your car comes to a head first stop into a ditch, and as you pull your aching head back away from the steering wheel you look around you. Your friends are physically fine for the most part as far as you can tell. Everyone is shaken up, but that makes complete sense considering what has just happened. As you stiffly get out the car to assess the damages, you outwardly groan as you think about how much it’s going to cost to get your car fixed. The entire front of your car, including the tires, are torn to shreds and your car is so deep in the ditch that you wouldn’t be able to get it out without being towed. Reaching in your pocket, you pull out your phone and find the contact for AAA. When someone finally answers the phone, she lets you know that someone won’t be able to get to you for at least another hour. You sigh, thank the woman for her help, and get back into the car to tell your friends that you guys are stuck there for an hour. Nobody’s happy about it, but you all get back out of the car in silence and wait on the side of the road, away from your smoking car, for the tow truck to come and pick you up.

When you were driving, you didn’t see the driver in your blind spot because you were too focused on the road in front of you, but your friend saw it, and because she did, you and everybody else ended up safe and sound. In the moment after the accident you started to dread the fact that you’d be out of a few thousand dollars in order to fix your car, and you started thinking about the pain that had started to creep up on you, but that’s because you could only see the darkness in that moment. Later on down the road, once you’re out of that situation, those things would eventually start to not matter that much to you anymore. Yes your car was banged up, and yes you had to wait on the side of the road until a tow truck came to pick you up, and yes your trip was delayed, but you’re also alive and everyone in your car is alive too, and after awhile you’ll start to see that your friend’s warning ended up helping you out more than it hurt you.

Positive thinker, sometimes your life is heading in a certain direction, but you’re so focused on only seeing what’s right in front of you that you are unable to see something bad that is headed your way. Sometimes you need someone or something to change your course so that you don’t end up getting hurt more than you need to. Yes your life during those moments of pain might not be how you want your life to be, but your life could’ve ended up being a lot worse if you had continued down the road that you were going on. And don’t worry because that pain you feel in that moment of turmoil will go away once you see that the situation you’re going through is taking you to where you’re supposed to be.

If you don’t believe me, try thinking back to another point in your life when it seemed like all hope was lost. You probably felt like you were never going to come up out of that situation. You might have thought that you were going to be feeling down and out forever, but do you feel that way now? Is that situation still consuming you? Did you come out of that situation? Chances are that you did, and if you’re still going through something chances are that you aren’t going to go through it forever. All pain and suffering will come to an end. It may not come how or when you want it to, but an end to that pain will come one day.

So next time you find your life not going the way that you want it to positive thinker try thinking of that car crash scenario. This unanticipated mishap is just your friend in the backs seat helping you to avoid the unbearable pain that you would have gone through if you had stayed on your original path. This unexpected new course may just be God, Buddha, Allah, the Universe, or whatever entity you believe in telling you that your life right now isn’t as good as how it will be once it gets done with you.

Remember, “Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed, and rearranged to relocate us to the place we’re meant to be.”


Happy Sunday positive thinkers!

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There’s a saying out there that goes, “love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” and this quote makes complete sense to me. Merriam Webster defines work as an “activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something.” I don’t know about you, but that definition doesn’t seem particularly pleasant to me. For many of us, we go to our job and we toil all day to make money so that we can afford to keep living the lifestyle that we’ve been living, but there are some people out there who wake up everyday and go to the job that they work at because they love doing it. And for these people, the money that they get for coming into their jobs becomes an added bonus instead of the soul incentive for coming into work. For them, their job isn’t work because when your job is your passion it doesn’t seem laborious to you because you love what you do.

It would be great if everybody in the world could wake up everyday and go to a job where they could do what they loved, but that’s not the story for many of us. Some of us have a passion, but for whatever reason, we haven’t been able to make a career out of it. But just because we haven’t been able to do that yet, doesn’t mean that we have to stop pursuing what we love to do. If you haven’t found a way to make money doing what you love, then do what you love in your free time. Set a side a set time each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes, to do something that will make you happy.

If you like to sing then make sure you do it everyday.

If you like to write then make sure you do that everyday.

If you like to paint then take some time out of your day to do that.

If you enjoy making our planet a more sustainable place for us to live then make sure that you go out and do it.

If giving back to your community is your passion then find time to work doing that into your schedule.

Even if you have to get up five days out of the week going to a job that you dread, coming home and being able to do something that you love to do may end up giving you a more positive experience at your job. If everyday after work you plan on coming home and doing something that truly makes you happy, then your work days can end up going by faster because of the anticipation that you have for whatever passion is awaiting you when you get home. And if you’re spending time doing something that you love to do, even if it is just for a little while, then it may start to have a positive impact on your mood in general.

And if you don’t want to initially commit to doing something everyday that makes you happy, then try only doing that thing that you love to do a few times out of the week. Going from zero to one hundred is a lot to ask, so if you don’t think that you can shave out enough time from your week to do something that makes you happy everyday then don’t worry about it. If you start out doing it a couple of days out of the week and you notice a change for the better in yourself then you can increase your activity more and more until you find yourself doing something that you genuinely love to do every single day of the week.

And if you’re still hesitant about trying it out positive thinker then think about this…

If going through your life doing something that you don’t like everyday can put a damper on your mood, even when you’re not actively engaged in the thing that you hate doing, then couldn’t doing something that you love to do everyday start to brighten your mood, even when you’re not actively participating in the activity that makes you happy?

Life is way too short positive thinker to go around doing things that you don’t love to do, so you should make time to go out and do those things you love. We weren’t put on this earth to walk around feeling sad and gloomy all the time; we were put here so that we could make the best of our lives and partake in some happiness along the way. Happiness is within your reach positive thinker, you just have to be bold enough to go out there and grab it.

So, “take time to do what makes your soul happy.”

You deserve it!


Happy Sunday positive thinkers!

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In the 1950s, Harry Harlow, an American psychologist, conducted a series of experiments that involved rhesus monkeys and the importance of mother and child bonding, but it’s the first experiment that we’re going to focus on toady. In this experiment Harlow separated newborn monkeys from their mothers just hours after they were born. He then introduced the baby monkeys to “surrogate” mothers that were either made from terrycloth or heavy mesh wires. The “mothers” were both the same size and were also warmed by an electric light that was placed in their center, so the only difference between the two mothers was that one didn’t have any soft surfaces while the other was cuddly and made up entirely of a soft surface. During the experiment, both of the “mothers” were placed inside of the cage with the baby monkeys, but only one of the mother monkeys had a nipple that the baby monkey could nurse from. Some of the infant monkeys received their food from the wire mother and others received it from the cloth mother. The monkeys that received nourishment from the cloth mothers clung to these mothers significantly more than they did to the wire monkey, but the same was true for the monkeys who received their nourishment from the wire mothers. Even though they got their nourishment from the wire mother, they still spent most of the time clinging to the cloth monkey.

The conclusion from this experiment points to the importance of a need to feel loved. When these baby monkeys needed to feel loved, they sought comfort from their cloth mothers. And the monkeys who got their nourishment from the wire mothers may have gone to them if they were hungry, but when they didn’t need food, they spent their time with the terrycloth monkey that could make them feel comforted and loved, which shows us how vital affection is in our lives.

We may not be monkeys, and we’re definitely not infants anymore who are trying to form an attachment to our mothers, but we do still crave affection. During the good times, and the bad times, it is the people in our lives that tend to bring us some extra happiness.

Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on “things” that we think will make us happy, that we don’t realize that there are people here right in front of us that can make us happier. Some of us work hard and make money so that we can buy the latest gizmo or gadget because we think that it will bring us some semblance of happiness, but the thing that could really make us happier is the human being that we went shopping with to buy that phone, or the person who we’re riding in that new car with, or the roommate that lives with us in the house that we spent all that money on. Positive thinker, how well do you remember that new iphone that you spent all that money on and waited in line for hours for last year? I’m willing to bet that it’s not as well as that amazing conversation that you had with your best friend for hours and hours on that exact same phone. And chances are that you remember all the laughs you shared with your friend while you were out at an expensive restaurant more than the food that you paid all of that money for.

It’s true there are certain things that you need to survive, like: food, water, and shelter, but do you really just want to survive, or would you rather live? At the end of the day, it’s the people that we come across in life that are going to help us to live fuller lives. They will help to contribute to our happiness, not the things that we buy. If you’re out there searching for happiness in things positive thinker, chances are, you’re never going to find it, but when you start noticing and living in the moments that you share with the important people in your life then you may actually start to see some added happiness come your way.

Positive thinker, if you want to be happier, try putting down that phone and interact with the person sitting in front of you instead of scrolling through other people’s instagram pictures. Instead of spending money on the newest car, buy a cheaper one and take a road trip with your friends where you’ll have the chance to create so many amazing new memoires. When you learn to focus on making lasting memories in your life with the people you love, buying the latest and greatest new “thing” won’t matter because you’ll start to realize that people are better than all of these fake forms of happiness that are society is trying to push on us. So create happiness with people positive thinker, not with things.

And remember, “Let us be thankful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”


Happy Sunday Positive Thinkers!

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Sometimes we get so wrapped up in making our own dreams a reality that we don’t stop and realize that other people out there are trying to do the same thing as well. Other people in the world are working hard and striving every day to make their dreams a reality the same way that you are. And as we know, chasing after your dreams is no easy task. Sometimes you run into hiccups or snags, and going for your dream may actually end up causing you some stress. And when stress occurs, sometimes we end up doing things or saying things that we would usually not do or say if we weren’t stressed out. We may even end up saying some hurtful things to one of these other people who are also out there chasing after their own dreams. And instead of helping them out on their path towards achieving their dreams, we may end up deterring them from following them.

Words can hurt. It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from someone you know or a complete stranger because when words that are intended to hurt you are thrown your direction, those words tend to stick with you. Those hurtful words also tend to hurt more the more invested you are into something. If someone tells you that you’re not a good dancer, but you don’t really care about dancing then those words are less likely to hurt you. On the other hand, if someone tells you that your life-long dream of becoming an actor is stupid then those words are going to hurt a million times worse.

If someone has ever told you that your dream wasn’t valid then you know how much damage a few words can do. Even if you didn’t give up and decided to continue chasing after your dream, I wouldn’t be surprised if that negative comment still had the power to make you feel not so great about yourself, even if it was only for a little while. Mocking or tearing down somebody’s dream can end up doing a lot of damage to the person whose dreams you’re tearing down, especially if this person isn’t one to bounce back quickly from hearing something negative.

Positive thinker, if you are ever put in a situation where you may feel the need to say something to somebody about their life-long dream then it is an important thing to remember that not everyone responds to negative comments in the same way. Some people might get upset by a negative comment initially, but they might also choose to use those words to add fuel to the fire that they’re using to make their dreams come true. Instead of becoming discouraged by the words, they use the words to help them prove everybody wrong that told them that they couldn’t achieve the dream that they wanted to achieve. Other people might not have a reaction that includes them continuing to pursue their dreams. Instead of taking the words of the naysayers and using them to give them the extra push that they may need to finally achieve their dreams, some people may shut down because of these hurtful words. If you choose to spread negativity, these words may end up being the reason that this person decided to give up on their dreams. Perhaps your negative comment was the final straw in a string of negative comments that finally caused that person that you hurt to stop fulfilling their dreams. And maybe if you had decided not to tell them that their dream wasn’t any good then that person would still have chosen to pursue their dreams.

Positive thinker wouldn’t you rather be someone who helped another person reach their dreams instead of being that person who led someone to stop chasing after their dreams? Wouldn’t you rather be responsible for spreading positivity instead of negativity? And if you don’t want to make the decision to spread positivity, you should at least make the choice to stop spreading negativity. If you could have the chance to save somebody’s dream just by making the decision to not say hurtful things about their dreams then wouldn’t you want to do that? I know I would.

And I’m not saying to go out and tell someone a lie. If someone’s not on the right track to achieving a goal that they have told you about, then telling them that they’re doing a good job could end up hurting them just as much as telling them that their dream will never happen could. You can, however, give someone constructive criticism that could end up helping them to achieve their goals. Telling somebody that they should just go ahead and give up on their dreams of being an artist because they aren’t good enough can be hurtful, but telling someone that they can improve upon their craft by taking some extra art lessons may give that aspiring artist the extra help that he or she needs to be great. Constructive criticism and hurtful words are not the same things. One can be very helpful and the other can end up being detrimental.

So if you ever find yourself in a position where you could knock down someone’s dream or support it, ask yourself this question…

Will my next words help this individual to achieve their goals or am I just saying these unconstructive words for the sake of spreading negativity?

If you can truly say that your words may actually help someone to achieve their goals then go for it. Tell them positive thinker! However, if your words won’t help them then perhaps it’s best to keep those words to yourself because, “It only takes one negative comment to kill a dream.”

Sometimes it seems like we are harder on ourselves than anybody else could ever be. When we fail at something that we thought we could succeed at, disappointment usually sets in and that is expected. When our reality doesn’t match what we expected to happen we usually do feel disappointed, but we need to be careful because this disappointment becomes dangerous when it morphs into self-loathing.

We may start to dislike ourselves for the failures we have experienced, and once we start hating ourselves for one failure, it usually isn’t long before we start to beat up on ourselves for other failures that we experience. We may end up reaching a place where all we see is the failures that we experience, and when all we see is the negative we usually end up getting to a place where we end up being mean and nasty to ourselves because we can’t seem to do anything right. We become bullies. And our victim is our self.

And bullies don’t just beat somebody up once and leave. Once they find a victim they keep on attacking this person until they get bored or until they just decide to move on to somebody else. The same thing could happen to you once you start to beat up on yourself. You may have thought that you were only going to beat up on yourself for one failure, but once you get finished beating yourself up for the first time you may also creep into the habit of beating yourself up every time that you think you’ve done something poorly. And once you get into a habit of beating yourself up, it will become harder and harder for you to stop because unlike someone who bullies other people, you don’t have to go searching for your victim because your victim is also the person who is doing the bullying.

But let me ask you this question positive thinker…

If you don’t tolerate other people beating you up, whether it is physically or emotionally, then why would it be okay for you to inflict this kind of punishment on to yourself? You may think that you deserve it, but nothing you do can ever be bad enough that you should think that it’s okay for you to beat yourself up over it, so you should avoid doing it.

When you beat yourself up you have all the power to make the punishment stop. It many be hard to do, but you do have the ability to end the beatings. When somebody else bullies you, you have to find a way to make them stop hurting you, and that can be difficult because you can’t control another person’s actions. However, when you’re the one doing the bullying, you can make yourself stop because you are the only one who has complete control over your own actions. You may think that whatever you did deserves a self-beating, but making yourself feel lousy isn’t going to change your situation. Your circumstance will change when you stop being so hard on yourself. If you’ve ever been bullied or if you ever had anyone do or say anything to make you feel bad about yourself then you know how easy it is for another person’s actions to make you think less of yourself. As long as the bullying keeps up you continue to feel bad about yourself, but once the bullying finally stops you can start to feel better about yourself again. And feeling better about yourself may not come instantaneously, especially if you were bullied for a long time, but eventually you end up getting to a place where you realize that just because you were bullied doesn’t mean that what the bully said to you was accurate in any way. You’ll start to realize that you have done good things and that you have accomplished a lot and that those accomplishments deserve celebration, so that’s exactly what you should do.

Celebrate your victories positive thinker because when you set out to achieve a goal and you do end up achieving it, you should be happy because it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your hard work. And don’t just celebrate the big wins; the little ones are important as well. It’s important to celebrate the little wins in life because the big ones usually don’t come as frequently as the little ones do, and if we sit around only waiting for the big ones to come we may end up being disappointed with ourselves because focusing on the big ones has caused us to believe that we aren’t accomplishing anything. However, when we see and appreciate the small victories, we also can start to give ourselves the push that we need to strive for bigger victories. When we see that we are able to accomplish our goals, no matter how small, we start to see that we are capable of being victorious and when this happens we start to believe in ourselves, which is something that we need to have happen if we are ever going to achieve our big goals.

When you stop beating yourself up over something that you didn’t achieve then you can focus on what you have achieved. You’ve accomplished goals that you’ve set out to accomplish positive thinker, you just have to stop beating yourself up long enough to see it. Making the decision to stop hating yourself for something that you weren’t able to do is half the battle because once you decide to stop inflicting pain on to yourself you can start to find things that you’ve done that will make you not want to think so negatively about yourself anymore.

The path to achieving what you want to achieve first starts with you making the decision to not beat up on yourself when you falter in your plan. Everyone makes mistakes, but you don’t have to beat yourself up for it. Focus on finding the good that you have done positive thinker, and that will help to give you the boost and encouragement that you need to continue on with your goals.

Remember positive thinker, “Keep beating yourself up, and you will find yourself in the same situation, keep praising your efforts and you will exceed your expectations.”

We live in a world where it seems like people are constantly trying to tell us to be something other than who we are meant to be. When we hear qualities like sensitivity, compassion, passivity, tenderness, thoughtfulness, and patience we all know which gender is supposed to possess these traits. Likewise, whenever we hear characteristics like toughness, dominance, risk taking, resilience, drive, and courageousness, we also know which people should have these traits. These qualities shouldn’t be associated with just one gender, but often times they are. If a woman isn’t sensitive to the needs of those around her, she may be chastised. And if she possesses a stereotypical masculine trait then her femininity may even be called into question. The same can be said for men. A man who isn’t driven may be looked down upon for a lack of ambition. And if a man is too sensitive or thoughtful, he may be told to toughen up because he isn’t being manly enough.

Even if no one has ever personally told you that you aren’t masculine enough or you aren’t feminine enough, you may have still felt the pressure to conform to some societal idea of what it means to be a man or a woman. TV, movies, magazines, and social media constantly portray a caricature of what it means to be a man or a woman in our society, but it’s not a true picture of what masculinity or femininity truly means. Whenever you see a caricature done of somebody at a fair or at an amusement park, we never take them seriously. We know that the person doesn’t really look like the drawing, but for some reason, when we witness these caricatures of masculinity and femininity we sometimes do take them seriously. These images that are portrayed to us on a daily basis of what it means to be a man or what it means to be a woman may make us think that there is something that is the matter with us if we don’t fit into this picture. But the thing is positive thinker, there is nothing wrong with you if you don’t fit perfectly into this image. A caricature of masculinity shows us a distorted and untrue image of what it means to be a man in our society and a caricature of femininity depicts an unrealistic and unobtainable idea of what it means to be a woman, and for this reason you shouldn’t take caricatures of masculinity and femininity any more seriously than you would a caricature of yourself that was drawn by a street artist. A caricature of yourself isn’t a true depiction of who you are and neither are the caricatures of masculinity or femininity that you come across on a daily basis.

And these ideas of what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a man doesn’t stop with how we are on the inside either. We turn on the TV and see men and women with “perfect” faces and bodies. We open up a magazine and see men and women with luxurious hair and bright and shining smiles. These images have the soul purpose of trying to make us feel bad about ourselves. They are trying to tell us that our lips aren’t big enough, our waists aren’t small enough, our legs aren’t long enough, and our hair isn’t full enough, or they make us think that our muscles aren’t big enough, our height isn’t tall enough, and our shoulders aren’t broad enough, but this isn’t true either. There is no perfect way that a woman should look despite what we see on TV and there is no perfect way that a man should look despite what we see when we look at an ad in the magazine. Perfection isn’t achieved by adhering to some societal notion of what it means to be perfect. You are perfect just by being who you are.

We aren’t made from a cookie cutter, so we aren’t all the same. All the women in the world were not cut from the same female cookie cutter, nor were all the men cut from the same male cookie cutter. We’re different and that’s what makes us so great. We don’t have to fit into some stereotype of what it means to be female or male, black or white, Christian or atheist, Republican, Democrat, or indifferent because you can be these things regardless of whether or not you can check off every trait or characteristic that is associated with whatever group you are a part of.

Positive thinker, there’s always going to be somebody out there telling you that you need to act and look a certain way in order for people to like you. You may be too sensitive or you may be too tough, but if that’s who you are and if you’re comfortable with being that way then it shouldn’t matter what anybody else thinks. And you may not be a size zero or have wash board abs, but that shouldn’t matter either because you are great just the way you are.

You’re not made from a cookie cutter positive thinker, and that makes you unique, so don’t try and be anybody other than who you think you are supposed to be.

Good Vibes

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