There is a park by my house with millions (at least it seems) of older gentlemen who spend hours upon hours playing chess. Their actions are repetitive and I never see them talking to each other. But they are always smiling. Now I know why! It seems that we humans mellow out with age and stop getting so stressed about the small things in life.


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Highlights of the study:

*older adults may avoid negative experiences or limit their exposure to stressful situations more than younger people do.

*older adults mostly interact with close friends and family members, instead of new friends or acquaintances. This fits in with the idea that using established social connections brings about more positive social experiences and increased well-being, part of a concept called socioemotional selectivity theory.

*older adults who are retired do not have exposure to stressful work situations.

*older adults limit the time they spend thinking about the negative aspects of a situation, and focus on the positive aspects more than younger adults.

*older adults still remember things more positively, regardless of how much time has passed

*unhappiness in younger adults can be related to successful careers often requiring long hours and stress, and dating is not all fun (Duh!!!)

Apparently, young folks, we need to start thinking like older people in order to contribute to our feelings of happiness and positivity. So get out there and have a conversation with an older relative or friend. Study how they think. And try to think, for one day, like them. It might help us out. However, if you have the eyesight of an older person, please stay off the road!