As your evening winds down and you attempt to let go of all the stressors of the day (Really quick…think about the long day and politics at work, the traffic, the annoying neighbor, the demands on your time and now…FORGET ABOUT IT). Give yourself at least a moment daily to take a time out to enjoy something. Anything (legal, of course).  Because when you do, you are teaching yourself to build resiliency which allows you to cope in a healthier manner when dealing with the things that bring you down.

To assist you in building your “resiliency” arsenal, I wanted to share a positivity exercise that may help to assist in maintaining your motivation to keep on keeping on in stressful times.

“Envisioning your happiness”:

Start by taking a deep breath, closing your eyes ( if you are uncomfortable with that, train your eyes on something pleasant to look at) and thinking about everything that you want and need to be happier in this moment (not materialistically or financially). Think about the fantasy you have about yourself when no one is looking. Think about what makes you smile and just laugh out-loud to yourself. Think about all the things you sigh about; wishing you could experience it for yourself.

Now imagine yourself having all of it. Imagine all of your dreams fulfilled and the feelings that inspires. Imagine yourself smiling so big and no one having the power or the words to take that smile away. Imagine you have the opportunity to reach your potential and be the person you want to be with a world of opportunity ahead of you.

Now open your eyes and go get it! You envisioned it and i’m thinking it felt wonderful. Now use that positive energy to plan and make the changes necessary to feel that way all the time. Be realistic in your efforts and realize that while some of the aspects of your envisioned happiness may be fantastical, the feelings you felt while being in that “happy” place were real. Aim to feel that way all the time and reject or modify the things in your life that are stopping you from reaching that happy place.

This, of course, is a process. This exercise is recommended only as a tool to help you identify and keep sight of your goals as well as act as a gage to determine how far you have been drifting away from your own personal happiness.

Remember, thinking positive is being positive.