It’s really easy to walk around the world with your eyes half opened. It’s easy, but when you go through life with your eyes partially concealed then you can’t see the world in its entirety. Since you’ve chosen the easier path, you’re also probably only choosing to see the things that you want to see…

You get stuck in the rain and all you can think about is how inconvenient that water falling from the sky is for you. Your eyes are only half way opened so you can’t see that the little bit of rain that’s dripping from the clouds up above are providing nourishment for all of the crops on the ground that will fill up your belly once they’re ripe and ready to be plucked from the ground and on to your plate.

That annoying coworker who always has something to say and will never shut their mouth up is only viewed as a pain in the butt for you when you look at the world through partially concealed eyes. On the other hand, when you open up your eyes to see all of your coworker then you will be able to realize that even this person that gets on your nerves from time to time has redeeming qualities that you just weren’t able to see when your eyes were closed.

Seeing the good in other people is a way for you to spread positivity. Many of the posts I write on here talk about ways to increase positivity in your own life, but it’s important for you to go out and spread the positivity that you acquire. You shouldn’t just keep positive thinking to yourself; you should go out and share it with those that you encounter on a daily basis. And this can be as easy as choosing to see the good in others. This is something that you should want to do, but it’s not always something that is engrained in our way of thinking…

A lot of us live in communities and cities that teach us that we’re supposed to focus on ourselves. As long as we feel good then that’s all that really matters. My positive life style is making me feel better and that’s good enough for me. If this is your attitude then that’s an attitude of me-thinking not positive thinking.

There are some people out there in the world who only hear negative things about themselves. It’s always things like “you’re worthless,” “you can’t do anything right,” or “you’ll never amount to anything.” The thing is that when you start to hear these kinds of things all of the time, you may actually start to believe those things about yourself. When all you hear is negativity, you stop expecting to receive positive messages.  You think that since the world views you in such a negative light that these things must be true and so you take them up as your own truth. But just because the world views this person in half opened eyes that only allows them to see the bad things about this person doesn’t mean that there’s only bad in this individual. You, positive thinker, have the opportunity to make the life of somebody like this a little more positive just by choosing to see the good in them. By being that beacon of positivity you just may just allow this person to start seeing themselves in a more positive light.

Remember the last time you received a little bit too much negativity from the people you encountered? How did it make you feel? I’m sure you weren’t happy about it because being belittled doesn’t tend to make anyone feel better about themselves. Wouldn’t it have made you feel a whole lot better if you could’ve have had somebody there to remind you of the good that they see in you. Wouldn’t you like to be that person for someone else?

Take up the challenge to walk around the world with your eyes fully opened because once you start walking around the world with the ability to see everything more clearly then you will also be able to be that beacon of positivity for those people that you come across in your life.

Spread your positive thinking positive thinkers!

And remember to “Always remember to see the best in others.”