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Try and think back to a time when you had to carry something that was really heavy. We’ve all been there, so it probably won’t be that hard for you to come up with a moment. Now that you have that memory in your mind, try and put yourself back there. How does carrying that load feel? Do you feel your aching and wobbling arms? Do you hear your mind begging you to give your body some relief? It really doesn’t matter what kind of item you were carrying in that memory because carrying a heavy load is never pleasant.

And the load becomes more and more unpleasant the longer you have to carry it around. If you have to carry something heavy for a few seconds, then your pain is brief. You may even think that you can carry it for a longer amount of time without any problem. However, when the amount of time that you’re carrying the load increases from seconds to minutes, you all of a sudden become more aware of just how unpleasant carrying that load can actually be. And by the time you increase the time from minutes to hours, you realize just how burdensome that extra weight actually is. When you hit the hour mark you may start to search your mind for a memory of a time when you didn’t have the extra weight, but, try as you might, you can’t find that memory because all that you can focus on at the moment is how much pain your burden is causing you. You want to get rid of the weight. You want to feel like it feels to not have that extra load in your hands, and so you finally decide to do something about it. In order for you to get rid of that pain, you make the decision to let go of the weight. And the second you put it down, you can feel an instantaneous chorus of thanks from your body. Your body no longer feels heavy and weighed down because you’ve let go of your load. And at first you may still feel some of the pain that was left over from your heavy load, but soon enough your arms start to gain feeling back again and next thing you know you’re back to feeling normal again!

You don’t just have to let go of physical weights when they become too heavy for you to carry positive thinker. You have the ability to let go of those burdens that plague your mind and your soul as well. These burdens may not be physical, but they can have just as much of toll on your body as a physical weight can have. Walking around with resentment, regret, envy, hatred, and any of thousands of other mental burdens can cause you to feel weighed down just like the physical weights can. And just like with the physical weights, you may start out thinking that you can handle it. You may think that it’s not too bad holding on to all of that resentment. You may think that you can do it for a long time without it having a major effect on your body, but, just like with those physical loads, if you carry along a mental burden for too long you can start to experience some major pain. After one year you may be fine, but by the fifth year of holding on to your regret, you may actually start to feel it. And because you’re focusing too much of your energy on all of the extra weight that you’re holding on to, your mind and body cannot devote the time and energy to things that would be more beneficial to you than that pain would be. It can only focus on the pain of envy, so it can’t figure out a way to get you back to feeling like how you felt before you started holding on to that load. You get stuck feeling only that pain that comes along with hatred because you can’t just seem to let go of it.

Positive thinker, all you have to do is let go of that mental weight that you’re holding on to. It’s as simple as that. If you want to get back to feeling like you did before you picked up that extra weight then all you have to do is put down the weight. You can’t hold on to it and expect to feel just as light as you did before you held on to your extra load because carrying something extra is going to make you feel weighed down. So don’t give that mental weight that you are carrying the power to stop you from feeling light again. Let go of it! You deserve to feel free!

Remember, “It is necessary to let things go, simply for the reason that they are heavy.”

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