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Love. It makes the world go ‘round (or at least that’s what I’ve been told). Many of us experience our first taste of how wonderful love can be when we first come into this world. Our families are usually the first ones who love us and the first ones who show us what it means to love somebody else, because, as we experience the love of our families, we also learn how to love them back. And from there we move on to love more people than just the family that we grew up with. Throughout our life we go on to love our friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so many more people that enter into our lives.

There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that you’re loved by someone else, and when you love someone else you’re able to provide that same comforting feeling to the person that you love. We learn to love others and for many of us it comes easily, but how easy do you find it to love yourself?

When we learn about love, a lot of us are also taught about the importance of loving ourselves, but this seems a lot harder to do when the messages and experiences that we encounter on a daily basis teach us otherwise. Our loved ones might encourage us to love ourselves, but the media and magazines and ads teach us a different message. They teach us that we should love ourselves less if we don’t act a certain way or dress a certain way or look a certain way. We are taught these messages from the people that pretend to love us and want the best for us, but we shouldn’t listen to these messages because if they truly did love us and have our best interest at heart then they would encourage us to love ourselves the same way that our loved ones encourage us to love ourselves.

And when you think about self-love positive thinker try asking yourself this question…

We do things for the people in our lives that we love without hesitation simply because we love them, but do we treat ourselves the same way? When you practice self-love you should treat yourself the same way that you treat the people in your life that you do love. For instance, you wouldn’t want to hurt somebody that you love, so you shouldn’t hurt yourself when you’re trying to practice loving yourself. Once you identify the way that you treat others that you love, you can then start doing those same things, but for yourself.

If you don’t place enough of an emphasis on loving yourself positive thinker, then I encourage you to try to make a greater effort in doing so. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to practicing self-love then try starting here…

Each day when you wake up, identify something that you need (not something that you want…something that you need). Chances are that you probably don’t have to put much effort into identifying what you need. It could be something as simple as the fact that you need someone to smile at you before you can start off positively with your day. Or you may be exhausted and you need some more energy before you start your day tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what your need is. Just identify one, and then movie on to the next part of the exercise. Once you identify your need (remember it’s your need, not your want), then go out and get it. You don’t have to wait for somebody else to give it to you; do it for yourself. If you need someone to smile at you so that you can have a good start to your day, then wake up, stand in front of your mirror, and give yourself the biggest smile imaginable. If you’re exhausted from your day at work, then only do the things that you absolutely have to do so that you can get to bed earlier and have more energy the next day.

Don’t listen to the media or magazines or ads or any other voices out there that are trying to tell you that you don’t deserve to love yourself. You are worthy of love just the way you are, so love yourself! Positive thinker, loving other people is important, but loving yourself is just as important. It is true what they say…

Love does make the world go ‘round, but make sure you include self-love in that love as well.


In the 1950s, Harry Harlow, an American psychologist, conducted a series of experiments that involved rhesus monkeys and the importance of mother and child bonding, but it’s the first experiment that we’re going to focus on toady. In this experiment Harlow separated newborn monkeys from their mothers just hours after they were born. He then introduced the baby monkeys to “surrogate” mothers that were either made from terrycloth or heavy mesh wires. The “mothers” were both the same size and were also warmed by an electric light that was placed in their center, so the only difference between the two mothers was that one didn’t have any soft surfaces while the other was cuddly and made up entirely of a soft surface. During the experiment, both of the “mothers” were placed inside of the cage with the baby monkeys, but only one of the mother monkeys had a nipple that the baby monkey could nurse from. Some of the infant monkeys received their food from the wire mother and others received it from the cloth mother. The monkeys that received nourishment from the cloth mothers clung to these mothers significantly more than they did to the wire monkey, but the same was true for the monkeys who received their nourishment from the wire mothers. Even though they got their nourishment from the wire mother, they still spent most of the time clinging to the cloth monkey.

The conclusion from this experiment points to the importance of a need to feel loved. When these baby monkeys needed to feel loved, they sought comfort from their cloth mothers. And the monkeys who got their nourishment from the wire mothers may have gone to them if they were hungry, but when they didn’t need food, they spent their time with the terrycloth monkey that could make them feel comforted and loved, which shows us how vital affection is in our lives.

We may not be monkeys, and we’re definitely not infants anymore who are trying to form an attachment to our mothers, but we do still crave affection. During the good times, and the bad times, it is the people in our lives that tend to bring us some extra happiness.

Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on “things” that we think will make us happy, that we don’t realize that there are people here right in front of us that can make us happier. Some of us work hard and make money so that we can buy the latest gizmo or gadget because we think that it will bring us some semblance of happiness, but the thing that could really make us happier is the human being that we went shopping with to buy that phone, or the person who we’re riding in that new car with, or the roommate that lives with us in the house that we spent all that money on. Positive thinker, how well do you remember that new iphone that you spent all that money on and waited in line for hours for last year? I’m willing to bet that it’s not as well as that amazing conversation that you had with your best friend for hours and hours on that exact same phone. And chances are that you remember all the laughs you shared with your friend while you were out at an expensive restaurant more than the food that you paid all of that money for.

It’s true there are certain things that you need to survive, like: food, water, and shelter, but do you really just want to survive, or would you rather live? At the end of the day, it’s the people that we come across in life that are going to help us to live fuller lives. They will help to contribute to our happiness, not the things that we buy. If you’re out there searching for happiness in things positive thinker, chances are, you’re never going to find it, but when you start noticing and living in the moments that you share with the important people in your life then you may actually start to see some added happiness come your way.

Positive thinker, if you want to be happier, try putting down that phone and interact with the person sitting in front of you instead of scrolling through other people’s instagram pictures. Instead of spending money on the newest car, buy a cheaper one and take a road trip with your friends where you’ll have the chance to create so many amazing new memoires. When you learn to focus on making lasting memories in your life with the people you love, buying the latest and greatest new “thing” won’t matter because you’ll start to realize that people are better than all of these fake forms of happiness that are society is trying to push on us. So create happiness with people positive thinker, not with things.

And remember, “Let us be thankful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

Hello beautiful people!

Wally had one of those days again where he decided to just watch Youtube videos for hours on end. He found this video on Soul Pancake’s page that really touched his heart. The positivity that is in this video radiates through the screen and you just can’t help but smile.

Watching this video helped Wally realize that expressing your gratitude and appreciation for someone in your life not only lifts their spirits, but will lift yours as well.

He wants you all to attempt this exercise. If you’re in a dark place and want a little push towards the light then this exercise should do just that. .

Wally thinks that doing this is going to help improve your happiness and bring positivity into your mindset.

Go out and find the person who inspires you the most or has had a great impact on your life and tell the how much they mean to you. Wally is going to go find his too.

Happy Days and Stay Positive!

Click here to watch the video. You will not regret it 🙂

Wally was scrolling down his facebook timeline and found a very touching video for you all! It brought this huge smile across his face and he hopes it will bring a smile to you too. This video helps you to remember that even when you have nothing, you are still capable of happiness.  Click here to Enjoy!

Disney…this is an oh so welcome addition to your greatness! ❤ The Walt Disney Company put together an awesome “It Gets Better” video in support of The Trevor Project (an anti-bullying campaign mentioned in a previous Positivity Works! blog, click here to view).  The video includes interviews with Disney Cast Members (aka employees) who have experienced bullying in their lives as a result of who they are and they even offer great advice about who to contact if you get to that point when you either “want to end it or break free [of the insecurities and trappings of feeling rejected, unwanted, unloved, etc]”. 

Check it out and  “Just remember…You are never alone.”

Need a little pick me up? Dunn dunh dunh dunnn…Wally has arrived to save the day! Back from his adventures in You Tube land, he has found a wonderful jewel of a video made by a young lady full of inspirational thoughts and a great message.  The star of our chosen Video Pick for Good Vibes writes simple but powerful words of understanding.   The message…Sure, life has its ups and downs and twists and turns and sometimes back-handed face slaps, but everybody hurts, you are not alone, and why not smile anyway? You’ve got nothing to lose.  And if you’re feeling up to it, spread the love too!

Thanks for the motivation! You have helped us to remember that positivity helps us get through the hard times. Enjoy, positive thinkers!

Good Vibes

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