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Love. It makes the world go ‘round (or at least that’s what I’ve been told). Many of us experience our first taste of how wonderful love can be when we first come into this world. Our families are usually the first ones who love us and the first ones who show us what it means to love somebody else, because, as we experience the love of our families, we also learn how to love them back. And from there we move on to love more people than just the family that we grew up with. Throughout our life we go on to love our friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so many more people that enter into our lives.

There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that you’re loved by someone else, and when you love someone else you’re able to provide that same comforting feeling to the person that you love. We learn to love others and for many of us it comes easily, but how easy do you find it to love yourself?

When we learn about love, a lot of us are also taught about the importance of loving ourselves, but this seems a lot harder to do when the messages and experiences that we encounter on a daily basis teach us otherwise. Our loved ones might encourage us to love ourselves, but the media and magazines and ads teach us a different message. They teach us that we should love ourselves less if we don’t act a certain way or dress a certain way or look a certain way. We are taught these messages from the people that pretend to love us and want the best for us, but we shouldn’t listen to these messages because if they truly did love us and have our best interest at heart then they would encourage us to love ourselves the same way that our loved ones encourage us to love ourselves.

And when you think about self-love positive thinker try asking yourself this question…

We do things for the people in our lives that we love without hesitation simply because we love them, but do we treat ourselves the same way? When you practice self-love you should treat yourself the same way that you treat the people in your life that you do love. For instance, you wouldn’t want to hurt somebody that you love, so you shouldn’t hurt yourself when you’re trying to practice loving yourself. Once you identify the way that you treat others that you love, you can then start doing those same things, but for yourself.

If you don’t place enough of an emphasis on loving yourself positive thinker, then I encourage you to try to make a greater effort in doing so. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to practicing self-love then try starting here…

Each day when you wake up, identify something that you need (not something that you want…something that you need). Chances are that you probably don’t have to put much effort into identifying what you need. It could be something as simple as the fact that you need someone to smile at you before you can start off positively with your day. Or you may be exhausted and you need some more energy before you start your day tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what your need is. Just identify one, and then movie on to the next part of the exercise. Once you identify your need (remember it’s your need, not your want), then go out and get it. You don’t have to wait for somebody else to give it to you; do it for yourself. If you need someone to smile at you so that you can have a good start to your day, then wake up, stand in front of your mirror, and give yourself the biggest smile imaginable. If you’re exhausted from your day at work, then only do the things that you absolutely have to do so that you can get to bed earlier and have more energy the next day.

Don’t listen to the media or magazines or ads or any other voices out there that are trying to tell you that you don’t deserve to love yourself. You are worthy of love just the way you are, so love yourself! Positive thinker, loving other people is important, but loving yourself is just as important. It is true what they say…

Love does make the world go ‘round, but make sure you include self-love in that love as well.


Today, I woke up thinking about the word, Precipice.   According to the World English Dictionary, Precipice means the steep sheer face of a cliff or crag or a precarious situation.  The definition has me envisioning myself standing right on the edge of said cliff, looking down into an abyss of precariousness.  That sounds scary, right?  I mean…what is down there?

In my musings, I’ve determined that what lies in that deep dark place is a decision that a person is fearful of making and the dark abyss is our own doubts making us wonder if we would survive the decision (the leap) and its resulting consequences.  A precipice is something that we encounter in our lives when we are making huge, life changing decisions such as deciding to change a job or become self-employed, or even when we are deciding whether or not we want to stay in our current relationships.  Those types of decisions have us in a complete tizzy because they have the power to change our whole lives, our whole routine, and it can be for the better or for the worse, if we will it so.

I think all people have these points in their lives where they feel they are at the precipice of something.  Something has them wanting to adjust an integral part of their lifestyles and they are standing at that cliff’s edge wondering if they would be strong enough to navigate the darkness and still land on their feet at the bottom if they took that leap.  To them, it can seem impossible and that hypothetical death seems certain.  They know something needs to change if they are unhappy and that’s how they got to that cliff’s edge in the first place but the fear traps them in their situation and often, that is just where their lives stagnate with minimal growth because they cowered from that edge.

But what if we had options? Instead of thinking of the leap causing pain with a broken and devastating collapse at the bottom of the dark abyss, what if we believed we could make it over and to the other side (even if we are a bit bloody and bruised when we landed?)  We, at Positivity Works!, feel that a person’s confidence and belief in themselves and their reselience is what gives our minds the super powers to fly over the doubt and fear.  Remember, this precipice is not literal.  It was created, developed, and made darker and scarier by our own minds, doubts, fears, and experiences.  We will make it through the decision we make no matter what (i.e. how hard it is, how stressful it is, how much it makes us cry), because we have trained our minds to be that strong.  It is the truth if we will it so. And if our truth is that nothing in that abyss can hurt us because we created it, then we will always win.  Just as whatever happens in life is just an occurence and if you believe you can get through it, you will.

Today, the word Precipice was on my mind because I  have a big decision to make.  But no matter what I decide, I know that I will survive because I know my mind is strong enough for the leap.  I will make it to the other side and so will you, just train your mind to believe it and will your body to get it done.

If you, positive thinker, are also at a precipice,  here  is some musical inspiration to help you with your own leap to the other side.  You’ve got this.

There are times when we just need to sit ourselves down and breathe and relax. And when we do it, we need to be ok with it and celebrate it.  In an effort to practice what I preach, I headed on over to a sunny and beautiful garden complete with a Koi pond.  I wanted to just breathe, be calm, and look at the beauty around me instead of just going, going, going with no time for appreciation.  It was wonderful and I got the brilliant (maybe in my own head?) idea to try to capture this time of relaxation for the blog readers as well.

So….without further ado, I am proud to share my peaceful day (well really, it is about 2 mins) at the Koi pond.  I absolutely have enjoyed watching this over and over when I wanted to just take a break because it is on my phone and I can! And now, it will be on your phone if you so choose to use the smart in your smart phone by coming to this site whenever you need another viewing.

My favorite parts…the brief moment of exuberant laughter in the background from a fellow relaxation enthusiast and the moments when it looks like the fish are disappearing into the light.



A while back I was noticing this great trend of advertising that promoted positive lifestyle choices or keeping a positive outlook.  Most of that trend began when the world started to recognize economic strife and needed a little encouragement to get out and stimulate the sickly economy (i.e. convince consumers, with a big smile and a hug, to spend their hard-earned money on their products).

Regardless of the fact that the intent was to stimulate spending and not necessarily improve mental health, the sentiment and message was and still is, nice.  Because of that, we will continue to point out that type of advertising because they seem responsible and are meeting the needs of their public.  They are right.  Sometimes we do need a hug and a smile when we are going through  hardships, even when that hug and a smile is cloaking a hard sell.  And sometimes we just wanna buy stuff!  Hey, if it makes us happy… (but be responsible my fellow shop-a-holic sisters and brothers)

So, since I find the idea of what I call “happiness marketing” to be such a grand thing, I always notice it and think to share with all of you positive thinkers. I mean, what if you missed it? 😉

The most recent find has been these new Kaiser Permanente radio commercials.   They are just wonderful (as we gush, please note we here at Positivity Works! have no affiliation with any advertisers we mention. We just heart things sometimes).  The campaign focuses on well-being and are entitled “Thrive”.  Kaiser touts them as supporting the mind, body and spirit.  Each one spreads a positive message about mental and physical health in an engaging and educational way.

There is one about the healing and mood boosting powers of music and assigns you a “sonic prescription” for using music as self-care when you’re feeling down.  And the play therapist in me absolutely loves the one that tells you to “put the play back in your day” and how play (i.e. doing the things you love) can keep you young and healthy.

There is another about how happy people “tend to be happier” and they give us some statistics about it and great ideas too!  My favorite line…”Is it just me, or do happy people seem to get all the breaks?”  The ad seems to be making a point about self-fulfilling prophecies (mental health jargon) and the idea that if you believe that you can be happy and that things will go well for you, they will.  Love it.  (Did that blow your mind? Yes, we know.  Big thinking goes on here *insert smug smile*).

To check out the ads mentioned and get exposed to some great resources that benefit your overall health, click on the links below and check out the Kaiser Permanente Thrive website here.

Kaiser Ad – Thrive: Music Therapy

Kaiser Ad – Thrive: The Power of Play

Kaiser Ad – Thrive: Come on get Happy

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