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Disney…this is an oh so welcome addition to your greatness! ❤ The Walt Disney Company put together an awesome “It Gets Better” video in support of The Trevor Project (an anti-bullying campaign mentioned in a previous Positivity Works! blog, click here to view).  The video includes interviews with Disney Cast Members (aka employees) who have experienced bullying in their lives as a result of who they are and they even offer great advice about who to contact if you get to that point when you either “want to end it or break free [of the insecurities and trappings of feeling rejected, unwanted, unloved, etc]”. 

Check it out and  “Just remember…You are never alone.”

Wally and the Positivity Works! team consulted and we thought it might be some time for a little music therapy.  What better way to inspire increased self-esteem and positivity than a song full of affirmations?  We couldn’t think of anything else either! =)

So browse on down below and check out a great rendition of the positive self-talk filled anthem, “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.  It is sure to instill some so-good-it-seems-positively-indecent feelings of self-worth and acceptance if you really listen to the lyrics and believe in them.

This version of “Beautiful” is performed by The Columbus Children’s Choir in support of  The Trevor Project, a movement and program “focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts” amonst the LGBTQ community.  The song was chosen to help spread the message that life does get better (It Gets Better).  To learn more about The Trevor Project, click here.

The earnest faces, the motivating message and the excellently executed part where they even copy Ms. Aguilera’s vocal runs, are sure to give you a little positive boost today.   Enjoy, beautiful people!

And for a little extra oomph of positivity, here is the original music video.  It does get better and you are beautiful.  Can’t hurt getting all the reminders you can…Loving yourself is important.

Good Vibes

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